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Get an overview and important knowledge

Before you set off on your hike on the Gendarme Path, it can be nice to have an overview of all the details: Important telephone numbers in case of an emergency, transport information and bus numbers, knowledge of wind and weather and the rules for behavior in nature.

Get an overview and important knowledge


We are never further away than a phone call.

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Worth knowing from home

Practical information about wind, weather and population.

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How to get here

Whether you drive or use public transport, it is easy to get to and from the Gendarme Path.

See how you get here

Nature welcomes you

The vast majority have a good sense of how to behave in nature - and if you walk on the marked paths, keep the dog on a leash and take the waste to the next rubbish bin, then you are not doing anything wrong. If you are in doubt, you can read more about the rules here.

See how to behave in nature

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