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Own transport

Along the Gendarme Path are many easily accessible parking spaces without time limit. Use the map to see where they are located.

Person and luggage transport

AT Taxi offers, among other things, transport to and from Gendarmstien. Read more and book your trip.

Car transfer

Gendarmstienflex offers luggage transport and car transfer Bil Transfer Service!

Public transport

By bus
You can always find the updated timetable for public bus traffic in the area at , be aware, that the timetables marked F only are valid form week 26 until and incl week 31 as well as Christmas and New Year.
The time tables are in Danish. Hverdage = Work days (Mon-Fri). Lørdage = Saturdays. Søn- og Helligdage = Sun- and Danish holidays.

Flextur service
Below you will find more references to Flextur. A Flextur can be booked to pick you up or drop you off at several parts of the route. A flextur must be orderd at least two hours before pick-up, on phone number +45 76 608 608 with a postal address.
The announcement is in Danish ... Press 1 to order - Press 2 so that the conversation is not recorded - then you talk to a living person.

To and from Padborg Regular train connections to Padborg Station with departure every second hour. See more at
Bus 110 from Sønderborg. Bus 220 from Aabenraa
From Sønderhav Bus 110 to Sønderborg
To Padborg: Bus 110 to Kruså, change to Bus 220 from Aabenraa. 
To Sønderhav Bus 110 from Sønderborg 
From Padborg: Bus 220 to Kruså, thereafter Bus 110 towards Sønderborg 
From Brunsnæs Bus 721 (school bus) to Broager, thereafter Bus 223 towards Nordborg to Sønderborg. An alternative to the regular bus is booking a Flextur to pick you up in Brunsnæs. The address is: Brunsnæs-Fjordvejen 39, 6310 Broager.
To Brunsnæs Bus 223 either from Sønderborg or Gråsten. Thereafter Bus 721 (school bus) to Brunsnæs. You can also book a Flextur to drive you to Brunsnæs. You will be asked for an address - use Brunsnæs-Fjordvejen 39, 6310 Broager.
From Gammelmark In Gammelmark you can take a Flextur. When ordering use the address: Gammelmark 23, 6310 Broager. The flextur driver will pick you up at Gammelmark Strand Camping.

Alternative pick-up points for the Flextur along the route is Kragesand and Vemmingbund at the car park. Addresses: Kragesand: Kragesand 12, 6310 Broager and Vemmingbund: Vemmingbundstrandvej 33, 6310 Broager.
To Gammelmark Bus 721 (school bus) to Dynt then walk by the path Gratelundstien approx. 2 km to Gammelmark or you can book a Flextur to drive you to Gammelmark. The address is Gammelmark 23, 6310 Broager.
To and from Høruphav Bus 229 and Bus 225 & 226 goes between Høruphav and Sønderborg. In addition, it is possible to book a taxi on phone number: +45 70 25 25 25 or book a Flextur. The address to Høruphav Harbour is Høruphav havn 2, 6470 Sydals.

Please notice To the guests who wish to hike the route from Høruphav to Skovby, we recommend that you read the route description around Høruphav carefully, since there can be challenges with the signs alongside the beach. 
See description of the Mill stage.

To and from Skovby Bus 229 connects Skovby with Sønderborg. In addition it is possible to book a taxi on phone number +45 70 25 25 25 or book a Flextur. The address is Sydvej 6, Skovby, 6470 Sydals.

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