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  •  Gendarmstien
  •  Cykelruter
  •  Andre vandrestier
  •  Stikveje og alternative ruter
  •  Fjernvandrevej E6 og E1
  •  Kultur
  •  Seværdighed
  •  Historie
  •  Natur
  •  Udsigtspunkt
  •  Sagn og myter
  •  Grænseovergange
  •  Togstationer
  •  Lystbådehavne
  •  Færger
  •  Busstoppesteder
  •  Parkingspladser
  •  Sov i en seng
  •  Camping
  •  Primitiv overnatning
  •  Spisesteder
  •  Indkøb
  •  Bålpladser
  •  Turistinformation
  •  Apoteker
  •  Vandhaner
  •  Toiletter
  •  Kilometer

What information do you want to see on the map
In the orange box you can click the categories on and off. Select e.g. whether you want shopping, campfire sites, public transport, shops, restaurants, taps, sights, accommodation and much more on the map.

At Alnor, the route is rerouted down to the beach, where there are larger stones. Select Other paths + Side paths and alternative routes in the orange box or see the PDF with map!
Stensigmose there have been landslides, the route will be moved a little further inland during the month of June. It is possible to pass, but keep your distance to the edge - See map!

Overview map 
See PDF with map of the Gendarme Path here.
The PDF is not suitable for print, an actual map can be ordered at

Gendarm Path hiking guide
Buy the practical hiking guide of the Gendarme Path here!

Bring the route on your phone you can find it here. 

Download GPX files
Download Gendarme Path Padborg-Skovby as a GPX file
Download Cycling routes at the Gendarme Path as a GPX file

GPX file Sønderhavskovene
GPX file Kistelund Plantage
GPX file Hjertestien


GPX file Teglværkstien
GPX file Nybøl Nor Stien


GPX file Nydamstien
GPX file Alssundstien


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