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Let the feet rest up

Near the Gendarme Path you will find a rich selection of accommodation, dining and exciting activities all year round. You can e.g. experience the charm and hospitality of the small villages, visit hotels and star restaurants along the coast, set up your tent at the cosy campsite or go on discovery among the cafes in the streets and alleys of the vibrant market town.


Whether you are for a sleeping bag in the open air, a tent in the woods, a cabin at the campsite, a bed & breakfast or a luxury hotel, it is all within a few kilometers radius of the Gendarme Path.

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From cosy sidewalk cafe to Michelin chef's restaurant - the gastronomic range is wide when you visit the area along the Gendarme Path. Do not deceive yourself to experience the unique South Jutland regional cuisine, which is partly characterized by proud traditions and the area's good ingredients - and partly by the historical heritage as a hub for trade with the whole world.

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Event calendar

All year round there are plenty of activities in the area along the Gendarme Path. In the summer, you can e.g. come along to medieval show of Tilting-at-the-Ring or to one of the many rock, blues and pop concerts. All year round, you will find i.a. exciting markets, exhibitions, lectures and classical concerts with the South Jutland Symphony Orchestra.

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Book packages

If you do not want to plan all the details of the trip yourself, we have providers who are happy to do it for you. Choose from package tours where everything is thought of - from transporting your luggage to choice of restaurants and accommodation. All you have to think about is hiking and enjoying the hundreds of new impressions.

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