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Roads and paths

You can walk and cycle on roads and paths in the open countryside. Dogs must be kept on a lead on private roads and paths. In certain circumstances, the owner may have the right to forbid access.

On tour with the dog

If you have your four-legged friend with you, you will find advice and guidance as well as information about current rules and places with special rules about dogs in nature at


On beaches, you can walk, bathe and stay for a limited period, i.e. a day. Tenting ist not allowed. The rules apply regardless of whether it is a private or public beach. However, there are also restrictions. On private beaches, you cannot stay within 50 metres of residential dwellings.

Dogs must be kept on a lead between 1 April and 30 September on the beach – and always if there are grazing animals in the vicinity.


In private forests, it is permitted to walk and cycle on roads and paths between 6 a.m. and sunset.

In public forests you can go anywhere both on and off paths and roads at any time of the day, but not within enclosures. The owner has the right to restrict access on days when hunting is taking place or there are intensive forestry operations. You must not stay within 150 metres of buildings. In public forests the distance is 50 m. Dogs must be kept on a lead. In certain circumstances, the owner may have the right to forbid cycling.

Uncultivated areas

You can walk and stay on uncultivated areas if you can access them in a legitimate manner, e.g. via roads and paths. However, you may not gain access to private uncultivated areas if the area is properly fenced in, but there may be access through gates and over stiles, etc., where there isn’t any livestock grazing. You may only remain on uncultivated areas from 6 a.m. until sunset and not within 150 m of buildings. You do not have access to boundary zones along watercourses, unless they border an area that is otherwise open to public access. The owner may close the area on days with hunting or intensive farming operations. Dogs must always be kept on a lead.

Other access

Access to the countryside takes place at your own risk, and there may be local restrictions in terms of accessing particular areas. Pay attention to signs. If you wish to arrange organised activities in forests and uncultivated areas in which the number of participants exceeds 30, or if you wish to put on sports or commercial events, you must secure the owner’s permission.

You can find more details on access to the countryside at:

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