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The hikers usually make their own planning of trips on the Gendarme Path, with direct contact to the individual providers.

However, it is also possible to book a trip as a package including meals, accommodation and luggage transport or just order transport of the luggage itself, so you only have to carry on the water and the packed lunch!

Package tours - almost all inclusive

VisitSønderjylland offers package tours with food, accommodation and luggage transport. They also have special tours for the ramblers with dog!

Vagabond Tours offers package tours of 3-6 days with meals and accommodation as well as luggage transport.

On a trip without luggage

Gendarmstienflex offers individual solutions within luggage transport and thus makes it possible for most people to hike the Gendarme Path. In addition, they also offer car transfers and accommodation.

AT Taxi offers both transport of 2 persons and/or 2 peaces of luggage at a fixed price, with the option of purchasing transport of extra people and luggage.

To Go…

Booth at Engen 2, Brunsnæs, 6310 Broager has sale of ice and softdrinks from 1 April to 24 October 2021.

Little Houses, Egeskovvej 3, Skodsbøl, 6310 Broager has a stall with sandwiches and tea / coffee.

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