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The Weather

The weather in Denmark can be rainy and changeable. The season covers the whole year. Our climate is very mild, but snow can occur in the period November to April and as the Gendarme Path is a nature hiking trail, it is not cleared of snow.

See the weather forecast for Gråsten or search for another city name on Strong winds or storms from the east can cause problems with flooding in the city of Sønderborg, Vemmingbund and Broagerland. Here you have to look for alternative routes - you can find these under “See map”. In the orange box, mark “Other paths” and “Side paths and alternative routes”.

For the water level display see under “Radar” (for the next 2 days). For example, select “Vandstand” (water level). The maps can also show wind gusts (vindstød), wind speed (vind) or wave height (bølger).


There are very few opportunities to drain water along the way, especially in the winter when the public toilets are closed, so be sure to bring a large bottle. Should you run out, you can always knock on the door of the residents along the Gendarme Path and ask for water.

The water in streams and at the springs is not drinking water.

Burn ban

When there is a burn ban you will find information on the facebook site of Gendarmstien


In Padborg: Cirkle K, Industrivej 20, 6330 Padborg. Tel. +45 74 67 12 03 (Prices at their homepage is for trucks. Costs for a passenger car: 1 weekend DKK 165, 1 week DKK 525)
- Read more and book your parking here

In Sønderborg: Scandic Hotel Sønderborg, Ellegårdvej 27, 6400 Sønderborg. Tel. +45 74 42 26 00
( If the hotel has parking spaces left over, it is possible to arrange long-term parking)

Car transfer

Gendarmstienflex offers transport of luggage and car transfer Bil Transfer Service!

Dog company on the hike

It is nice to share the experience with the four-legged, but remember to take into account the other hikers and not least the game population along the trail - Therfore, keep your dog on a leash!

õaccommodation, who also welcome dogs - possible for a fee.

Riding on the Gendarme Path

Riding is not allowed on the trail, but it is perfectly fine on the bike paths. This applies to all hiking trails, both the Gendarme Path, the path Alsstien etc. If you want a longer ride on horseback, we refer to Als Bridle Route.

Cycling on the Gendarme Path

The Gendarme Path is primarily for hikers, but we accept cycling on pedestrians' terms. You are welcome to cycle MTB, but pedestrians must be taken into account and the path must not be destroyed. Along the way, there is private roads, among others at Kejserdom, where cycling is prohibited and there are stairs on the Mountain Stage and the Mill Stage. On the southeastern part of Broagerland, between Kragesand and Kobbelskov, the Gendarme Path follows the coast with large stones.

Guests on the Mill stage

To the guests who wish to hike the route from Høruphav to Skovby, we recommend that you read the route description around Høruphav carefully, since there can be challenges with the signs alongside the beach. See description of the Mill stage.


In case of emergency and need of an ambulance, the police or the fire department, call 112.

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